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01:56 PM Makerlog Bug #202 (New): Discussions older than 2 weeks not displayed
One time it auto-loads more, then the "Load more results..." button does nothi...
Alina Sava


01:28 AM Makerlog Bug #201 (New): Webhooks give 400
New unlinked webhooks give 400 status. Tried repeatedly, regenerated webhook, same result. Alina Sava


09:37 AM Makerlog Bug #198 (In Progress): Older tasks not displayed on profile page
Tasks older than March 3rd are not displayed, only past milestones show. The "load more tasks" button does nothing.
Alina Sava


06:32 PM Makerlog Feature #101 (Resolved): Changing one's username in Makerlog
Already done Alina Sava
06:30 PM Makerlog Bug #176 (Resolved): Traveled to different timezone, lost streak
Alina Sava
06:26 PM Makerlog Bug #55 (Resolved): Praise count doesn't count well
One person can praise maximum 100 on a task. So 190 was total praise from both persons. Alina Sava
06:16 PM Makerlog Bug #79 (Resolved): Notifications can sometimes appear a lot more often than once
Alina Sava
06:13 PM Makerlog Bug #54 (Resolved): Editing task stops on mouse out
This was fixed long ago, closing issue Alina Sava
06:12 PM Makerlog Bug #86 (Closed): Editing a comment will duplicate the comment
Alina Sava
06:11 PM Makerlog Feature #7 (Resolved): CSS rewrite & refactor - Alina's big Bulma freakout
Alina Sava

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